News Article Synapsis Plans to Build Family Houses in Western Slovakia
by Věra Tůmová | Residential

The Knižkova dolina complex of 37 family houses will be built on the slopes of the Little Carpathian Mountains in Western Slovakia. Synapsis property ventures plan to build this residential project with an estimated investment of €20 million.

The company Synapsis property ventures plans to build a new residential project Knižkova dolina with 37 family houses in western Slovakia. The developer's aim is to create community-family housing in a unified design. Each house is to have approximately 140 sqm of net usable area. The estimated investment for the project is €20 million.

The project is located in a quiet area of the Knizhkov Valley and combines the benefits of modern urban living with abundant opportunities for active leisure. The Knižkova family houses will provide their residents with proximity to a dominant natural feature combined with existing amenities within walking distance, such as a summer swimming pool, amphitheatre, cafes, restaurants and shops. There is also an existing tram line to the city centre. Each house will have its own outdoor terrace and green garden to provide living and relaxation spaces. The high standard of the houses will be complemented by eco-friendly solutions such as green roofs, rainwater harvesting and heat pumps.

The design emerged from an architectural competition based on the winning design by Studio AT26. The concept combines public and quiet streets, semi-public front gardens and private plots with detached houses that will provide a standard practical space of 5 bedrooms over two floors.