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The recession and the years following it have brought about significant changes in facility management. The market players are challenged by developers not always thinking ahead and by a seriously lacking workforce. László Vágó, CEO of Strabag Property and Facility Services Ltd. spoke to us about their current challenges.
The Czech Republic has long been one of the favourite destinations of investors looking for opportunities in CEE and their unwavering confidence is proof that the market’s outlook for the future remains positive. Jaroslav Kaizr MRICS, CTP’s Business Director talked to us about the office and industrial markets in the Czech Republic. 
2016 was a strong year for the Romanian commercial property market with a continued boom in the office segment and growing investment volumes. Ilinca Paun, Managing Partner at Colliers International talked us about current trends and expectations for the future.
The Budapest commercial property market has seen a real turnaround over the past two years. Demand is evidently strong for quality office and logistic space in many parts of the Hungarian capital, including its airport. Budapest Airport has an area larger than London Heathrow and ambitious long-term plans that aim to attract a wide range of companies, including cargo and logistics operators. René Droese and Réka Sebestyén, responsible for the property business of BUD, talked to us about the airport’s development plans.  
The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union dominated property news cycles over the summer. After the initial shock things have somewhat cooled down but it is still uncertain to what extent will London loose its position as the capital of the European real estate market. The first figures show that although investors have started acting a bit more cautiously they are just as hungry for yields as they have been before the referendum took place. Benjamin Perez-Ellischewitz, Head of Capital Markets at JLL Hungary has talked to us about the potential effects of Brexit on European property markets. 
Bank cards play an increasingly bigger role in every aspect of our lives and passengers in CEE countries are becoming increasingly open towards using electronic payment solutions to pay for public transport services. Frantisek Jungr, Senior Business Development Manager for the CEE Region at Visa Europe talks to Property Forum about the experiences he gained during the implementation of electronic ticket systems in the Czech Republic, and while learning about the Czech examples, we also examine the shortcomings of Budapest’s current and future ticket system.
The mindset of end-users is quickly changing in the world of real estate and developers looking to stay in the race need to keep up with current trends. This trivial statement is especially true in the case of a dynamically growing market such as Romania, which has gone through significant changes in recent years. Sorin Visoianu, Country Manager of Operations at Immofinanz told us what he thinks is driving the Romanian commerical property market.
Looking at what is going on in world politics, TriGranit’s CEO finds it difficult to comprehend why many still stress the political risk factor when talking about the Central European real estate market. He’s optimistic about the future and expects further diminishing returns on investment, along with new investors appearing in Budapest. Árpád Török talked to us about plans for developing TriGranit and the future of the real estate market.
The Polish property market has long been the region’s frontrunner and it seems like that nothing can slow it down. In spite of all the fears of last year related to political instability and the Warsaw office market getting potentially overheated, investment volumes are up significantly and development activity is stronger than ever. Piotr Mirowski, Director of CEE Investment Services at Colliers International Poland talked to us about the country’s investment market. 
International investors seem to have rediscovered one of the biggest and most important markets of Southeastern Europe that have matured a lot over the past few years. Michaela Lashova MRICS, CEO of Forton (an Alliance Partner of Cushman & Wakefield for Bulgaria and FYROM) and RICS SEE Ambassador talked to us about the present and future of the Bulgarian commercial property market.