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Natek Poland, a provider of IT and outsourcing services, has opened a new office in the Infinity office building, located at 16 Legnicka Street in Wrocław. 

Natek's new Wrocław office is located on the fifth floor of the Infinity office building and is the company’s second branch to open in Poland in recent months. In February Natek celebrated moving its Polish headquarters to the Q22 office building in the centre of Warsaw. 

“The opening of a new office in Wrocław marks an important milestone in our development strategy following the recent opening of our office in the Q22 office tower in Warsaw. This wouldn’t have been possible without the trust of our workers and clients, who continue to work with us. Our office in Wrocław is first and foremost for the benefit of the consultants that work on behalf of our clients at Natek. The new office space will make further growth possible allowing us to better serve our clients while at the same time providing comfortable working conditions for our employees”, points out Jana Kruzliakova, VP for Sales & Marketing, and Board Member of Natek.

The new premises in Wrocław differ from the office in Warsaw, which is for the use of Natek's in-house team. “We divided up the space of the Wrocław office into three areas. The smallest area with nine desks is for our in-house team, the large open space area with 32 workstations is for consultants and there is a closed area with 24 desks. As a result, we are better able to adjust our working environment to the needs of our teams and our clients,” says Minh Hang Hoang-Trusiak, the Senior Marketing Communication Manager at Natek Poland.

Natek is growing rapidly and is increasing the size of its team year on year in the whole CEE region. This year alone, the company has hired 400 people and moved into new offices. At the end of 2023, Natek opened a larger office in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, and at the beginning of this year it held another opening for a new office in the Q22 building in Warsaw while yet another office was also opened in Bratislava at the beginning of May. By the end of 2024, the company’s offices in the Olivia Four building in Gdańsk will undergo renovations and Natek is also to open an office in Koszyce.

“Our latest 2024 report shows the rapid growth of the IT sector in this region is being driven by the rapid acceptance of new technology and the availability of skilled labour. As a company with a 20-year history, we are proud of our role in shaping the CEE region into a centre for innovative IT. Our investments mirror the potential of a region, which leads the way in the adoption of new technology and attracts the best IT talent. Due to our expertise as well as our sense of responsibility and partnership, our clients very much appreciate working with us and the rapid growth of the IT market in the CEE has furthered our mission to provide the highest quality technological solutions”,  adds Jana Kruzliakova.

The lease for space in the Infinity building has a seven-year term and Brookfield partners supported NATEK in the negotiations as well as in the design of the new space and the office move. 

The Infinity building was handed over for use in 2023 and has 18,727 sqm of office space as well as 1,561 sqm of retail and services. It was constructed by Avestus Real Estate in collaboration with Alchemy Properties.

“We are pleased that Natek Poland has chosen Infinity for its new Wrocław office. The trust of such an innovative and rapidly growing company is proof of the high quality of our building. Our partner knows Wrocław, what the market here is like and what available office space is on offer. For this reason, we are all the more appreciative that it has decided on Infinity for its future. Our project stands out with its central Wrocław location giving it excellent access to transport as well as the high quality of its space and technological solutions employed with exceptional attention having been paid to ESG. Among other things, this results in lower running costs. These are the reasons that ambitious companies that are aware of their goals and look to the future choose Infinity”, says Mariusz Frąckiewicz, Country Director of Avestus Real Estate in Poland.