News Article Accolade AUTODOC Poland Szczecin warehouse
by Property Forum | Industrial

Park Szczecin in Załom, a multi-phase warehouse complex created on the grounds with a total area of over 46 ha, offering 230,000 sqm of industrial space and fully leased, is the biggest park in Accolade’s Polish portfolio. 

Accolade entered Szczecin in 2015, starting with the project in Załom. In August this year, the last hall of the park was completed and handed over to the tenant – AUTODOC Logistics. Along with it, the whole park, being the biggest in the Group’s portfolio in Poland, has been completed. "Accolade foresaw the potential of Szczecin already many years ago. The growing demand for warehouse space in the Szczecin region confirms that it was the right choice, and we are strengthening our position here by securing the locations for our next projects. This will allow meeting the demand of the clients, both for big boxes and smaller spaces", says Lukas Repal, Chief Operating Officer, Accolade. In the whole Accolade portfolio, Szczecin Park is the second biggest, after the Park in Cheb, Czech Republic, totalling 390,000 sqm.

Park Szczecin Załom is a brownfield investment and offers 230,000 sqm of industrial space that is totally leased. The biggest tenant is AUTODOC Logistics, the Polish branch of the international AUTODOC Group, which has been gradually developing together with Accolade in Szczecin and leases 3 halls with a total area of over 70,000 sq m, becoming one of the largest tenants in the Accolade portfolio. Another big and well-known tenant is DHL. The park is also rented by, among others, Pierce, Cotes, Change Lingerie and Svendsen Sport - companies from Scandinavia, which from the location in Szczecin operate in European countries, as well as by PartyDeco and Iglotex - dynamically developing Polish companies.

"Entering into further cooperation with Accolade in Szczecin seemed to us an obvious follow-up to the positive relationship and common business experience in Poland and in the Czech Republic. A diligent partner who responds very respectfully to the customer's current and sometimes fluctuating storage space availability needs are essential factors for developing a solid foundation for mutual cooperation. The choice of Accolade as a business partner was certainly also strongly influenced by their responsible approach to the topic of sustainable development in terms of the investments undertaken. Nowadays, 'green' design is no longer just an option, but an obligation for conscious users and investors. We realise that how investments are made today will have an impact on the lives of people, businesses, and the world in the future. We are pleased that the industrial facilities in which we operate meet the highest quality standards for modern buildings (BREEAM certificates), which guarantee a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. This attitude resonates perfectly with our ESG strategy", commented Sven Herrmann, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Management at AUTODOC.

Further investments in Szczecin in locations outside of Załom, bring industrial warehouse space of over 200,000 sqm which doubles Accolade's warehouse stock in the Szczecin region to over 420,000 sqm, with an investment value of €400 million. "We want to be a long-term partner of the city and the entire region. With our investment in smart and environmentally friendly industrial buildings, which have replaced the former war-time factory producing Engines for Junkers Aircraft and given the area new life, we’ve brought many world-class brands to the region, and together with them, we’ve contributed to the creation of 4,000 new jobs. Our goal is to support further development towards modernity and sustainability in the Szczecin region and to be a responsible member of the community", summarizes Milan Kratina, CEO of Accolade Group.