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NEPI Rockcastle is donating €150,000 to the International Red Cross Organization aimed for supporting the efforts of preventing the spread of COVID-19. The amount of money will be distributed according to the current medical needs and will be used for the purchase of disinfectant substances or items vital in slowing the spread of the virus. Public awareness campaigns will also be supported.

The funds will be spread across several Red Cross branches in Central and Eastern Europe. The money will be invested in vital care products such as surgical face masks, soap, hand sanitizer, wipes and other hygiene products.

A nationwide call for solidarity

NEPI Rockcastle is committed to supporting social initiatives, therefore during the previous year, the Group endorsed over 80 NGOs, active in various areas, such as social support, health, education and environment. Today, NEPI Rockcastle reached out to these NGOs, advocating that they redirect some of the amount received towards supporting those who are in the front line of the fight against the coronavirus. Some already responded to the initiative and confirmed that they will actively contribute during the following period with donations and support for COVID-19 campaigns.