Property Investment Forum 2021

Date: 15th September 2021    Venue: Marriott Hotel, Budapest



Under Section 6/C, Paragraph (3) of Government Decree 484/2020 (10 November) on the second phase of pandemic defence measures during the state of emergency, our events may only be attended by people immune to the coronavirus

Net Média Zrt. as the organiser has an obligation to verify the immunity of all participants, which they may prove either by an immunity certificate as per Section 2/A of the decree, or the equivalent application-based certificate as per Government Decree  60/2021 (12 February). Both require personal ID as well. Please bring the above documents to the event, as otherwise Net Média Zrt. as organiser has the right and obligation to deny and prevent entry to the event even with a valid ticket, as per Section 6/C Paragraph (5) of the decree.

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  • Can we see the new world clearly yet? What phenomena will shape the property market of the future most?
  • Will "green" money dominate the market? Who is buying and who is financing?
  • Are new projects coming? What plans have been shelved for several years?
  • How much will the office market change? – Home office, sublease, co-working, remote working, etc.
  • Housing market: Will the momentum break, or is market growth far from ending?
  • Business v. leisure tourism and the hotel market – Resurrection for one, extended coma for the other?
  • Industry and logistics above all – How are the grand plans coming along?
  • Construction industry v. development market – How much will soaring prices limit new projects?
  • Can online and offline retail both win at the same time? How will everything change?
  • Flash presentations in 7 minutes
  • Marketing workshop – Changing tools in a changing world
  • Healthcare? Education? Retirement homes? Dormitories? Data centres? What alternative directions are there?
  • Future City and urban development – Will the coronavirus place these on new foundations as well?

Why you should come

Some 18 months have passed since the new world order began, which has left extremely deep marks on both the Hungarian and global property markets. A year ago, it was probably too early to assess the actual damage and changes, but the positive approach and confidence of market players prevented the sector from crashing into the ground even as spectacular and tangible negative signs have appeared in certain areas from both financers and tenants. It is our job to rebuild the market, place it on new foundations, and somehow fit the new normal into it. We should see opportunities rather than risks in change.
There could probably be no better occasion for the first step in rebuilding than a long-awaited personal meeting of this vibrant and lively market full of professional and personal relationships, the world of real estate professional. We can now meet again face to face, shake hands, clink glasses, and celebrate again, not to mention exchanging views on the most prominent professional and business issues and hearing what opinion leaders in the market have to say.
Our Property Investment Forum, which had record attendance of more than 1,000 professionals two years ago followed by huge interest in the hybrid online-offline format last year, is again offering a full-day professional programme on topics including investments, development, financing, macroeconomic trends, technological innovations, home office, facility management, retail, hotel, e-commerce and logistics, future city, the housing market, alternative product, marketing and HR. Don't miss the event of the year! Let us meet again!

Property Awards on 18 November in the Groupama Arena
For the first time, this year's edition of our traditional award ceremony will not take place at the end of the Property Investment Forum but will be held in a separate networking event, to which we are expecting Hungary's real estate professionals. Let us celebrate this year's outstanding performances in the property market together! Further details to follow.

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