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Panattoni has sold a BTS facility developed in Stargard, Northwestern Poland that will be used by TEDi. The 87,000 sqm building was purchased for €53 million by a German investor, based in Dortmund.

The developer has finalized the sale of a BTS facility developed in Stargard that will be used by Tedi, a German retail chain with more than 2,700 stores across Europe. The 87,000 sqm facility went to a German investor. The company gained a newly completed investment, equipped with a number of sustainable solutions, including energy efficiencies - such as comprehensive metering, utility metering by individual installations and a smart lighting system. In addition, a significant reduction in water consumption was achieved, thanks to water-efficient sanitary fittings, among other things.

"The finalized transaction of a BTS facility confirms both the appetite for "green" investments and the huge potential of the West Pomeranian region, recognized by investors. Stargard is a key centre in the region, which allows efficient access to Scandinavian markets, as well as numerous Western European markets, including Germany and the Netherlands", says Dorota Jagodzińska, Managing Director at Panattoni.

The investment purchased by the investor was built 34 kilometres from the A6 highway, which is a continuation of the German A11 highway and forms the Szczecin-Berlin connection within the E28 international road route running to Eastern European countries. The A6 is also part of the S3 expressway, which runs along Poland's western border from the seaports of Szczecin-Świnoujście to the Czech border in the south. The route is part of the E65 international corridor, connecting Sweden to southern Europe. The S10 route connecting the seaport complex with the Warsaw agglomeration (583 km) is also a short distance from Stargard. The Szczecin-Goleniow airport is also located near the facility.