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by Property Forum | Investment

Industrial developer CTP has completed the purchase of six industrial projects and a land bank from Globalworth in Romania for an undisclosed sum.

The purchased portfolio comprises industrial projects in Bucharest, Arad, Pitești, Oradea and Timișoara. As part of the deal, CTP also purchased 30 hectares of land for further potential developments in Western Romania. The buyer was assisted by AGBC in the transaction.

”This acquisition significantly expands our Romanian portfolio by adding over 270,000 sqm and introduces 40 new names to our diverse tenant roster,” said Remon Vos, CEO of CTP Group.

Dennis Selinas, CEO of Globalworth, added that the deal will increase the liquidity of the company, providing it with the capital necessary to seize strategic opportunities as they arise. Globalworth is the biggest office owner in Romania, while CTP is the biggest owner of industrial projects in the country.

With the newly acquired projects, CTP’s network in Romania has climbed to 2.91 million sqm of industrial spaces. Romania’s total industrial stock reached 7 million sqm at the end of 2023.