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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has prompted such a unified response from the international business community that has probably not been observed since the creation of the internet. Companies across the world are standing with Ukraine, discontinuing their operations in Russia and taking their part in helping the victims of the war. Real estate companies in CEE have also stepped up to donate money, space and other resources to those in need. We’ve compiled a list of the humanitarian efforts announced by local and global companies. Luckily, the list below is not complete as many new announcements are made every day. We’ll keep updating it.


CTP has decided to support the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) by donating €10 million to show solidarity and provide timely, lifesaving support.

In addition, CTP financially supports various local organizations such as People in Need (Člověk v Tisní) in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia (Člověk v núdzi). Among the direct financial support, CTP is offering accommodation within the Domeq residential project in Brno, which has been built for students and young professionals, and within the Marriott Courtyard hotels in Pilsen, Prague and Brno, Czech Republic. Warehouse space is provided for Food Bank in Ostrava.

At the same time, CTP has already provided warehouses space in Biatorbágy, Hungary or Timișoara, Romania and has some more capacities to offer to the organizations to support their operations and goods storage.


VGP has announced a charitable contribution of €3 million to support refugees from Ukraine in Slovakia, Hungary and Romania – €1 million each. Given how rapidly events are unfolding on the ground, the Group will deploy the resources locally, in close cooperation with respective VGP country management, to select humanitarian relief organizations as recognized by UNHCR.


The Futureal-Cordia-HelloParks Group will donate HUF 300 million (€760,000), in addition to the amount raised by employees, to support humanitarian projects in three countries (Hungary, Poland, Romania).

The Group is identifying those own properties that can be a suitable location for humanitarian activities. In line with this, in Poland – in Gdańsk, Wrocław and Warsaw - the transformation of buildings and the establishment of a temporary kindergarten and shelters for refugees has already begun.

Cordia offers its available furnished rental apartments in Budapest free of charge to families in need. The company also calls on Cordia's customers to provide housing for those affected and to support aid organisations working to address the crisis.

The Group is working with several humanitarian aid and medical organizations that help rescue people from Ukraine.

Echo Investment

One of the former Empark office buildings in Warsaw, owned by Echo Investment, will become a temporary home for nearly 1,500 refugees. The first families have already moved in.


Skanska in CEE has decided to dedicate part of the Ilmet building in Warsaw as a shelter for those in need. The company has started preparing places for 500 refugees. Skanska will also donate 1 000 000 PLN for operating the shelter.

CPI Property Group

CPI Property Group is providing nearly 450 hotel beds within CPI Hotels to help people affected by the war in Ukraine. The provision of accommodation is coordinated with the Association of Hotels and Restaurants and the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, as well as with voluntary organisations and associations.

Central Group

Central Group has acquired a complex of three office buildings in Prague 9. The company has offered these non-residential premises to serve as emergency facilities and space for NGOs assisting refugees in the current war situation in Ukraine. The developer also stopped the sale of apartments to citizens of Russia and Belarus who do not reject the aggressive actions of their countries towards Ukraine.


Global co-working giant WeWork announced a partnership with UNHCR, through which WeWork will support refugee efforts in Eastern Europe.  WeWork is providing workspace for the UN Refugee Agency to operate its business, and is also providing free space across Warsaw, Stockholm, Prague, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Brussels to displaced businesses and non-profit organizations helping with relief efforts.  Through this effort, WeWork is opening its doors in five countries, six cities and 14 locations to displaced businesses that are in need of immediate assistance and to non-profit organizations that are making a difference.

In addition, WeWork is organizing various actions its employees can take individually or collectively to further support Ukraine within its global network of locations and markets. Specifically, WeWork employees are empowered to host local drives to collect necessary emergency supplies with various partners, and to work to support the UN Refugee Agency in its fundraising efforts for critical needs in Eastern Europe.