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VGP has announced a charitable contribution of €3 million to support refugees from Ukraine in Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.

VGP deplores the violation of international law and the aggression of the Russian regime against Ukraine. The company stands with the Ukrainian people of whom many are working on its construction sites and have their families and houses shelled. VGP’s thoughts are with the innocent civilians who are suffering, and those individuals and families in neighboring countries and around the world who have been impacted. More than one million people have already fled the country according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and that number is expected to climb into the millions as the situation continues to unfold.

VGP has a long-standing presence in Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, all three neighboring countries of Ukraine. In light of the emergency and paramount humanitarian needs of refugees from Ukraine, the company has decided to make a €3 million contribution, made up of a €1 million local philanthropic contribution in each of these three countries. Given how rapidly events are unfolding on the ground, the Group will deploy the resources locally, in close cooperation with respective VGP country management, to select humanitarian relief organizations as recognized by UNHCR.

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