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by Property Forum | Report

PropertyTalents, a leading European Built Environment Advisory specializing in career and company development, proudly announces the inaugural BE Mixer by PropertyTalents (Warsaw edition). This premier event is set to launch on the first day of spring, March 21, 2024, from 18:00 to 23:00, marking a new beginning filled with insights and networking.

Fresh from the vibrant MIPIM trade show, the PropertyTalents team is eager to share market trends and industry news at the BE Mixer, providing a platform for professionals to exchange valuable insights garnered from the event. The Mixer will be held at the QUFEL Grill & Beer restaurant, an establishment known for its convivial atmosphere—perfect for both professional engagements and leisurely celebrations.

Coinciding with the excitement of a football match between Poland and Estonia, the BE Mixer offers guests the opportunity to support the national team while engaging with fellow industry leaders in an informal setting. "The intersection of passion for our industry and our national sport epitomizes the spirit of the BE Mixer," stated Razvan Badea, EU Team Leader at PropertyTalents. "We invite attendees to join us in heralding the season's new beginnings, reflecting on MIPIM's highlights, and enjoying a surprise we've prepared for this special evening."

PropertyTalents extends a warm invitation to this exclusive event in partnership with key media partners, Property Forum and Property Insider, ensuring a well-informed and well-represented gathering of the real estate community.

For more information and to secure your invitation to the BE Mixer by PropertyTalents (Warsaw edition), please visit