News Article Czech Republic industrial Lovosice P3
by Property Forum | Industrial

P3´s hall with an area of 42,331 sqm and an atypical floor plan is capable of accommodating an entire train unit. It is located in Lovosice Cargo, Czech Republic.

There is a slight curve on one side of the hall for a branch line which allows a train with up to 24 wagons to enter the hall. This design enables loading and unloading to take place under one roof, like in any cross dock. Meanwhile, road vehicles will enter the hall from the other side of the warehouse where there are 25 gates for trucks. In addition, the building provides 1,142 sqm of office space.

P3 Lovosice Cargo is designed specifically for trans-loading between road and railway transport and will contribute to customers’ efforts to reduce carbon emissions in their supply chains by offering an alternative to road transit.

P3 acquired the hall and railway branch line five years ago when the P3 Lovosice project began construction on the opposite side of the train track. It is currently occupied and will become available for lease next year. The strategic location near exit 48 of the D8 highway linking Prague and Dresden is complemented by the presence of an international railway container hub, as well as the nearby Elbe port.