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by Property Forum | Office

The number of employees working in office buildings rose from 40% in Q1 2023 to around 55% in Q1 2024 in the projects managed by Colliers in Romania.

The agency provides asset services for nearly 600,000 sqm of office spaces in Bucharest regional cities of the likes of Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara and Brașov.

This development is also reflected in the analysis of traffic at the main metro stations in Bucharest, where significant changes in peak-hour flows to and from work have been noted.

“A clear sign that the office is no longer seen as a cost centre, but rather as an essential space for people to connect and work to their full potential through new office life experiences, is the emergence of new positions in corporate organisation charts, such as Workplace Experience Manager. Another important trend is large companies’ requirement for a minimum number of days in the office,” said Oana Adjudeanu, Head of Business Operations Asset Services at Colliers Romania.

A growing number of companies in Romania have ongoing hybrid work arrangements, which includes two to three days spent at the office.