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Warehouse developer LemonTree has joined the United Nations Global Compact initiative under the aegis of the UN. This initiative aims to support companies in implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. At the same time, LemonTree joined the Climate Positive programme, which implements the climate goals set by the UN.

The United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) was established in 2000 by the UN Secretary-General. It currently has over 24,000 members from all over the world. Its goal is to activate the international community, companies and their stakeholders to act responsibly and focus on the Ten Principles of the Global Compact regarding human rights, labour, the environment and the fight against corruption. It is also intended to increase business awareness and encourage action to implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Thus, companies will be able to take co-responsibility for the condition of the planet and societies, and then, together with various entities, they will strive to ensure that every person can benefit from development achievements.

"Business plays a special role in shaping a sustainable world. All corporate processes are interconnected with communities and climate. The LemonTree brand strategy is based on sustainable development. In our activities, we incorporate universal values and principles defined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the social, economic and environmental areas. This provides a direct opportunity to create a safer, fairer and more friendly world", stresses Bartłomiej Krawiecki, CEO of LemonTree.

After joining the United Nations Global Compact, LemonTree also joined the Climate Positive programme. It is a response to the deepening climate crisis, loss of biodiversity and environmental pollution. The programme supports the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It focuses on initiatives such as eliminating CO2 emissions, preserving biodiversity, ensuring high quality of people's lives and reducing water and air pollution. 

"By introducing new solutions, our investments help contribute to the development of cities and their surroundings; we bring additional quality there. We work on creating structures based on low-emission materials using technologies that reduce the negative impact on the environment. We focus our activities on supporting the sustainable development of the areas in which we operate, in accordance with the 2030 Agenda. We make sure that our investments are integrated into the spaces surrounding us and become part of them, to serve the residents and the community", adds Bartłomiej Krawiecki.

The UN Global Compact is the world's largest initiative focusing on sustainable business. In working towards a stable and prosperous world, it cooperates with governments, international organisations, companies and institutions. Its expansion to include additional entities is part of the vision of a more sustainable and inclusive global economy.