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by Property Forum | Residential

The Pri Mlynoch project in Bratislava has been associated with a long wait for permits, although located in an important transformational area of ​​Mlynské Nivy. But now its developer Iuris has marked an important milestone and moved closer to realisation, reports

Iuris presented the project for the first time already in 2019. However, the waiting time for the first permits spanned a few years. It entered the EIA process only in 2022. In 2023 it received a binding opinion from the Magistrate, which opened the door to further steps in the permitting process. The project has been issued a land permit and the construction process is expected to begin soon.

A modern complex of two separate buildings will be built on the brownfield in the Mlynské Nivy zone. The higher building will have 20 above-ground floors and the lower five floors. Buildings will rise from a common ground floor in the shape of the letter L and will have three underground floors. The higher building will offer an office space of ​​1,894 sqm on the first five floors. From the sixth to the 19th floor, 64 apartments and 28 non-residential units are designed. Two generous four-room flats will be located on the top floor. Technical spaces will be located above them on a separate floor. Building B will have a medical facility on the second to fifth floors. On the ground floor of both buildings, there will be spaces for civic amenities. 231 parking spaces are planned under the ground.

According to the EIA documentation, the expected construction costs were estimated at €21.5 million. In the past, construction was planned between Q4 2023 and Q4 2025. Today it is already clear that the start of construction will be postponed by at least a year. Assuming that there will be no other unnecessary delays, the completion of the project can be expected in 2026 at the earliest.