News Article ESG Globalworth green energy sustainability
by Property Forum | Investment

Globalworth announced that it has purchased guarantees for the sourcing of 100% of the electricity it is forecast to use across its entire Polish portfolio over 2024. All the Sourcing Guarantees are redeemed on a monthly basis.

In Poland, a sourcing guarantee alongside a long term Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA) is the only tool to confirm that power consumed originates from renewable energy sources.

“Globalworth is intensifying its commitment to sustainable development through the purchase of sourcing guarantees for 100% of the electricity it is forecast to use across its Polish portfolio over 2024. This is not only a demonstration of our care for the environment but it is also an affirmation of our mission to build a future based on clean energy. Our actions are a clear signal to our partners and clients that Globalworth is a leader when it comes to pro-ecological activities and that we are ready to take on the challenges that will eventually be crowned with our complete decarbonisation”, says Bartosz Marcol, the Sustainability & ESG Manager at Globalworth Poland.

Globalworth has set an environmental goal to lower its greenhouse gas emissions by 46% of its 2019 emission baseline by 2030.