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by Property Forum | Retail

A new shopping centre called OCKE is to be developed in Košice, reports Provided that the permitting process and following construction are successful, it is going to be the second-largest shopping centre in the Eastern Slovakia metropolis.

First in line is Atrium Optima with a floor area of ​​53,000 sqm. The new centre design figures show only 6,000 sqm less. According to the documentation submitted to local authorities, the new complex should primarily be used to sell various household goods. It will also offer restaurant premises and a grocery shop. It is assumed that a large furniture chain is behind this development although the project has been submitted by the Austrian construction and design group Delta Holding through its Slovak daughter revealing no further details about its client.

The centre should cost a total of €60 million. Located in Košice South it will have two above-ground and one underground floor. It will also offer almost 730 parking spaces. The area of ​​the planned construction is bounded on the eastern side by an industrial park and on the other side by retail operations. A total of 460 employees are foreseen to work in the centre. Construction will start in the spring of 2026, and completion is expected in the autumn of 2027.