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The post-pandemic times are bringing many changes in the demands and expectations of clients. There is also a strong demand for better tools and resources. Therefore the Colliers Czech Republic appointed a new Head of the Industrial and Investment teams.

The Industrial and Investment teams of Colliers Czech Republic are newly headed by Mark Richardson, starting from February. Nevertheless, Mark Richardson is no stranger to the Czech or CEE markets. He started his career about two decades ago at C&W in Prague as Head of Capital markets. Lately, he was moving on to become the director of Pradera, a retail investment management company, where Mark’s role was primarily overseeing CEE. Before coming back to Colliers in Prague, Mark has joined the Colliers Investment team in Poland. 

“I look forward to building on recent Colliers team strengths and successes and to meet our Clients and Investors growing appetite for quality advice. This continues to be a dynamic and competitive sector of the real estate market,” says new Head of Industrial & Investment at Colliers Czech Mark Richardson.

“We view this change as a step forward to ensuring that both departments will work more closely together and in the most coordinated fashion, especially where over the last two years we are seeing more synergies and common interests between the industrial/warehousing and investment businesses. With the reorganization we will be more effective and focused on building a better and targeted client service,” says Tewfik Sabongui, Managing Partner at Colliers Czech.