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Żabka Group has unveiled its automated logistics centre in Radzymin, just outside Warsaw. This facility is the largest and most technologically advanced addition to Żabka Group's logistics infrastructure. Enhanced with an automated high-bay warehouse and an internal transport system, the centre has been specifically designed to expedite logistics services for the Group’s stores.

"Tapping into technological advancement is a cornerstone of Żabka Group's overall development strategy. This commitment is manifested in our recent inauguration of one of the most sophisticated automated logistics centres in Europe, right here in Radzymin", said Tomasz Suchański, CEO of Żabka Group. "Spanning an impressive 60,000 square metres, this strategically vital warehouse illustrates our long-term vision for the group. The timing of the opening is not arbitrary – as Żabka celebrates its silver jubilee this year, the launch of this centre signals our unwavering resolve to ensure sustained growth and development for the company", added Suchański.

"Modern, automated logistics underpin the highest quality and swift service we provide to the more than 8,300 Żabka shop franchisees, who receive approximately 2 million deliveries annually", said Adam Manikowski, Vice-President of the Żabka Group Management Board and Managing Director of Żabka Polska. "Our advanced logistics centre in Radzymin has been furnished with features such as automated transport, a pallet silo, and Goods-To-Person picking stations. These state-of-the-art enhancements guarantee a significant boost to our operational efficiency", emphasised Manikowski.

The Radzymin Logistics Centre, a build-to-suit (BTS) project, has been tailored to Żabka's requirements to optimise all its logistics operations. It contains 60,000 square metres of space. Alongside its 'dry' segment, the facility houses an automated high-bay warehouse, soaring nearly 40 metres high. The construction of this 30,000-pallet warehouse utilised a 1,400 tonnes of steel and 400,000 bolted joints, with an additional 600 tonnes of steel being used to outfit the warehouse. The centre is initially set to service around 3,500 shops. 

The facility features cold and freezer rooms across five distinct temperature zones, ranging from -24°C to +20°C. Additionally, the centre hosts an office area, complete with two employee canteens, fostering a conducive work environment.

Photovoltaic panels were installed on the building's rooftop to generate green energy, while a special anti-smog surface was applied to the car park. These initiatives have resulted in the Logistics Centre earning the 'Excellent' rating in BREEAM International New Construction certification.