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Żabka Polska is preparing to open a new logistics centre in Małopole by Radzymin near Warsaw. It will be one of the largest and most innovative logistics centres in Europe. The launch of the new facility with an area of approximately 60,000 sqm is planned for the second quarter of 2023. Thanks to this investment, more than 600 people will find work in the region - employed directly by Żabka or in companies cooperating with it. 

“We invariably repeat that modern and automated logistics are a guarantee of the highest quality, as well as fast and efficient delivery service for franchisees running Żabka stores. Under this principle, we have been creating solutions in our new logistics centre in Małopole by Radzymin near Warsaw. Of course, for the centre to work well, it needs, first and foremost, a skilled and well-connected workforce. We invite everyone who wants to join our team in our new centre. We guarantee stable and competitive working conditions, a good atmosphere, and the opportunity to develop and participate in building the visible market success of Żabka. I am convinced that working in such a modern facility, for such an innovative company, is an opportunity to fully demonstrate the skills, competencies, and potential”, says Katarzyna Słabowska, logistics department director in Żabka Polska.

In total, the new centre will employ more than 600 people, including more than 200 employed directly by Żabka and 400 in companies cooperating with the chain. So far, about 140 employees and 50 associates have been recruited and are participating in the launching of the storage areas.

The logistics centre in Małopole by Radzymin with a total area of approximately 60,000 sqm is a BTS (built-to-suit) project, which is prepared according to the individual needs of the Żabka chain and optimizes all its logistics operations. In addition to the so-called "dry" part, an automatic high-bay warehouse with a height of nearly 40 meters, chambers of the cold room and freezer in five different temperature zones, and an office part are also planned.

The warehouse is equipped with innovative automatic solutions that will not only accelerate the logistics service of stores and improve the quality of service for franchisees, but also minimize the impact on the environment. The facility will be 100% powered by electricity from renewable sources.

The new centre will supply 3,500 stores. The project also includes the possibility of expanding the warehouse and automation, which will allow for an increase in the service of up to 5,000 stores. Up to 70% of shipments will be completed and palletized using storage automation.

Żabka Logistics is a distributed distribution network consisting of 8 logistics centres and 19 transshipment terminals. Deliveries to the chain’s facilities are carried out six days a week throughout Poland. More than 80% of stores receive logistics support every other day.