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Austrian company XXXLutz plans to build a new store in the north of the Slovak capital near the new Bory Hospital, writes

"The whole Slovak Republic will be XXXL," was the campaign of Austrian furniture maker XXXLutz three years ago. Back then, it opened five stores in Košice, Poprad, Nitra, Banská Bystrica and Bratislava. It was a transformation of the former Kika department stores. At that time, the retailer made no secret of its ambition to become the market leader in its field in Slovakia. According to, the world's second-largest furniture retailer is apparently doing well and is thus going to further expand its basic network. In addition to Žilina, where the construction of a new store is progressing, it has its sights set on other plots of land in the capital, where one of its stores already operates on Galvaniho Street. The chain should soon expand with another store in the growing Penta zone in the north of Bratislava, immediately next to the new Bory Hospital.

The Ministry of the Environment is currently assessing a plan submitted by developer RAS Immobilien SK, also responsible for the Nitra store, which will employ 60 workers. The Bratislava one, however, will have three floors, according to the daily, which cites, and construction is scheduled to begin in early 2024. The same year is also estimated for the project's completion. Compared to Nitra, the Bratislava operation will employ 56 people, while the project's authors expect an average of 333 visitors to turn up at the store daily. They will also build a parking lot for about 250 cars.

"XLSK Nábytok, the company under which the chain belongs, closed last year with record sales and profits and is currently the number two on the Slovak market after Ikea," writes the economic website, adding that the success is also due to the absorption of Möbelix SK, which was dissolved on 31 March without liquidation.