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by Property Forum | Industrial

Weerts Logistics Park (WLP), which has a Belgian-Hungarian ownership background, has reached the highest point for the first phase of 22,000 sqm of the new logistics project spanning 55,000 sqm that is developed in the neighbourhood of Debrecen, in Ebes.

The warehouse base is located near the airport and railway station in Debrecen, as well as the BMW factory under construction and the M35 highway.

During construction, the developer and contractor intends to rely on well-trained, local labour.

“When planning the building, we already put the emphasis on carrying out our construction in the most sustainable way, which is why we intend on accommodating an outstanding number of parking spaces typical of automotive logistics on an additional 1,5 acres of land, thereby avoiding the ecological burden caused by underground parking, and a dog park developed for the residents of the settlement,” said Tibor Lőrincz-Hadnagy, COO & Operations Manager of the project.

The heating of the building is provided by sustainable heat pump solutions instead of gas-based heating, which can even be supplemented with solar panels according to the tenant’s needs, added Lőrincz-Hadnagy.

Another special feature of the building is that 1,286 sqm of office space was also included during the planning. This enables companies to move the entire company’s office equipment into the space with a reception, an open office design, a kitchen and a meeting room.

WLP has more than 1 million sqm of high-tech logistics investments in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy.