by Property Forum | Industrial

Login Business Park in the north of Budapest, owned by Wing, is set to expand with a new hall offering more than 5,000 sqm in floor space. The project responds to distinct market needs reflecting increasing demand and increasing interest in the park. The market was quick to signal the necessity of the construction project, with lease agreements signed for the entire floor space of the hall immediately. The development is scheduled to be completed in late summer 2021.

Wing, one of Hungary’s largest real estate corporations, is expanding the Login Business Park by adding a new hall. Wing has over twenty years of experience in industrial and logistics real estate projects. The company is now responding to the emergence of growing market demand by commencing the expansion of the industrial park. The stand-alone hall, with a floor space of 5,200 sqm, is set to be completed during the summer of 2021. The entire area of the hall has already been spoken for by tenants. The latest development further boosts Wing’s presence in the industrial real estate market.

The hall under development will offer 4,200 sqm of warehouse space and 1,000 sqm of modern office space. The building will be accessible through thirteen industrial gates, suitable for serving both smaller vans and full-size lorries.  

“Wing has been present in the market of industrial real estate for over twenty years. It has collected unique professional know-how in the field of custom-made warehouse logistics and production/assembly hall solutions. It was in response to growing market demand that we launched construction of the new Login Business Park hall. Wing’s industrial real estate activities are focused on the northern region of Budapest, where our industrial parks are located. Login Business Park is ready to meet a variety of demands, and the East Gate Business Park is the largest modern industrial development in the region,” says György Mucsi, Wing’s Deputy CEO for Industrial and Retail Portfolio and Developments.

“E-commerce has been seeing consistent growth for many years. In 2020, however, online retail and purchase turnover witnessed growth surpassing even these trends. Increasing turnover in the Hungarian online retail sector generates new warehousing and logistics demands, resulting in a distinct spike in the industrial segment. This will define the market even more in 2021 than it has in the past. The categories of products available for purchase online continue to expand, and the share of e-commerce and traditional retail is clearly changing, offering significant growth potential. The decision to expand the Login Business Park is a response to these market trends. We have already leased the entire area of the new hall,” says Zsófia Korda, Wing’s director of sales for industrial real estate.

The Login Business Park is located in North Pest by the M0 ring road, at the foot of the Megyeri Bridge. The facility offers solutions to all industrial and logistics hall needs. In addition to halls of various sizes, large and small alike, the park also offers Class A offices, retail units and showrooms for lease.

Currently, the park is home to one completed hall, with a floor space of 75,000 sqm. This includes a total of 54,000 sqm of warehouse and operational area, with an additional 21,000 sqm of office space and showrooms. The Login Business Park offers tenants a number of services, with the surrounding green space incorporating a parking lot and a restaurant. The park is open 24/7, is equipped with a facility management system and is supported by an on-site facilities team and comprehensive infrastructure. The broad range of available sizes allows small and medium enterprises alike to settle in the park, making the facility ideal for establishing company headquarters as well as for pursuing wholesale activities.