by Property Forum | Industrial

Wing is launching the second phase of the East Gate Business Park project at the junction of motorways M0 and M3. The development of East Gate PRO will start with the construction of two new halls with an area of over 20,000 sqm, in response to market needs and increased demand. The first halls of East Gate PRO will be completed in Q2 2022.

Wing is expanding its East Gate Industrial Park with a warehouse development on a plot on the opposite side of Fóti út. The construction of the new complex, with an area of nearly 20,000 sqm, follows the great success of East Gate Business Park and Login Business Park, and responds to growing market demand. Several international corporations have their Hungarian or regional centre in East Gate Industrial Park, and 5 of the 50 largest Hungarian companies also have facilities here.  The first two halls of East Gate PRO are scheduled to be completed in Q2 2022, and 4 additional halls are planned on the site.

Future occupants have flexibility when selecting a hall type and size, which allows for customized arrangements in the buildings—the assembled, expert project team guarantees the quality. Future tenants are engaged in the project from the design phase, participating in the creation of custom architectural and interior design solutions, so meeting rooms, community spaces can be created according to their needs and their corporate visual identity can also be displayed.

In addition to hall developments for logistics, warehousing and production purposes (without special technology requirements), there will be office and service functions available, too. The new halls will offer future tenants spaces of various sizes, several loading options (loading docks and drive-in gates) in the units, with a possibility of expansion. The high quality, modern buildings at East Gate PRO will offer engineering services such as an ESFR sprinkler system, access control with licence plate recognition, a security camera system, and a cross-docking function in buildings C1 and C2.

“Recently there has been a massive surge in e-commerce, which has been followed by increasing demand for industrial and logistics properties—as we have seen it at East Gate and Login Business Park. This intense interest led us to start the East Gate PRO development. Wing has been present on the industrial real estate market for over twenty years. It has collected unique professional know-how in the field of custom-made warehouse logistics and production/assembly hall solutions,” said György Mucsi, Wing’s deputy CEO for industrial properties.

The halls at East Gate PRO will have BREEAM certification and will offer eco-friendly and health-conscious solutions and smart services. Eco-friendly, easy-to-clean building materials with no harmful components will be used in the hall development project. To facilitate sustainable and eco-friendly operation, selective waste management and energy-efficient solutions – LED lights, smart meters, EV charging stations – will be available in the industrial park.

Wing is committed to health promotion, so contactless switches will be installed in the common bathrooms in the buildings of the development. Every part of the office will have windows that open, which will allow for a continuous flow of fresh air, and the office spaces can be divided in several ways according to the tenants’ needs, with one-person workstations or areas for 50-person meetings.