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West4 Business Hub A, located in Wrocław is now certified WiredScore Platinum. Solida Capital, an investment and development company that entered the Polish Office market recently by acquiring West 4 Business Hub A from Echo Investment decided to upgrade this asset to the best digital and technological connectivity standard.

“Our focus is to provide our tenants with top-tier solutions in the tech space that enable our office buildings to be more efficient, safe and advanced in terms of innovative solutions. We are very pleased that West 4 Business Hub A achieved the highest grade (Platinum) of certification and we see it as a recognition of all the investments done in this area. Practically, our tenants are assured that the building connectivity is of the best quality on the market, complying with the most modern back-up and contingency plans in case of unexpected events. Solida Capital is committed to continuing investing and implementing green and smart tech in its office buildings in line with the ESG company policy", said Fabio Melis, Manager at Solida Capital Europe.

Colliers, a smart building consultant, who supported Solida in assessing, improving the digital connectivity and certifying West 4 Business Hub I describes the process that allowed to achieve a Platinum level within only a couple of months: “Solida has the ambition to keep their assets on the highest possible level to deliver the best experience to its tenants. Therefore we started with the revision of the building's technical standard as it was. Together with Solida, we strategically chose the improvements to make, based on their impact on the building and its flexibility for tenants. We did not just look for points to add, but for significant improvements, like creating a second point of entry to the building for fibre infrastructure, adding climate control in the comms room and protecting it from flooding. We created a budget of improvement and suggested and verified suppliers. Through the process of improvements, we worked closely with the Facility and Property Managers to make sure we keep expense, quality and time of delivery under control. Finally, we audited the building in the final stage to complete documentation for the certification”, commented Renata Hartle, Director of Technological Solutions in Colliers.