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As the next step in the integration of Vodafone Hungary and UPC, in the autumn of 2022, colleagues working in the company's Budapest offices will move to the Budapest One office park. The complex, developed by Futureal, will house Vodafone's new headquarters.

Vodafone announced the acquisition of UPC Hungary last August, followed by the legal merger of the two companies on April 1, 2020. The next stop of the merger will directly affect the company's employees, as, from October 2022, colleagues working in the Budapest headquarters will move to a common building in the Budapest One office park.

“Vodafone Hungary has always stood for flexible working, however, with our recent experience in mind, we are trying to redefine and further advance this flexibility in terms of both office work and remote working. Of course, we will continue to provide our colleagues with the possibility to work from home, as this is justified not only by the needs of our employees but also by considerations of environmental awareness. At the same time, we consider it important to create a green, digital office environment for our employees that inspires them and also supports their mental and physical well-being. In addition to the innovation aspects, we were looking for a modern building where we will be able to showcase our latest, most innovative technologies. In the coming months, we will be working with our colleagues and partners to create an office space that’s most suited to the needs of future employment,” said Amanda Nelson, CEO of Vodafone Hungary.

The office building, designed in compliance with the standards of the environmentally-conscious WELL Building and BREEAM building certification systems, will be equipped with an energy-saving, intelligent central building management system and electric car chargers will also be available in the parking garage.

In the building, the mental and physical wellbeing of employees will be supported, among others, by a multifunctional community room, a bicycle storage area with a shower, a panoramic running track at the top of the building and a half-hectare open space inside the office park, which will be a popular meeting place with its uniquely designed green areas.

Budapest One is being developed in stages by Futureal. The first stage, with 25,000 sqm of offices and 2,600 sqm of retail, was completed in H2 2019. Upon completion, it will comprise 64,500 sqm.