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VGP completed the construction of its largest site in Northern Bohemia. VGP Park Hrádek nad Nisou comprises five halls with a total lettable area of more than 122,000 sqm. All the halls were tailor-made for a single tenant – Drylock Technologies, a global manufacturer of baby diapers and hygiene products, VGP announced.

The co-operation between VGP and Drylock Technologies started in 2011 with the construction of the first hall. Today, upon delivery of the last hall of more than 30,000 sqm, the company uses a total 116,000 sqm of production, logistics, and office space with the possibility of further expansion by a remaining 6,000 sqm.

"From the very beginning of our co-operation, the halls were built with an emphasis on very high operational and cost efficiency, but in addition they also meet demanding design and functional parameters. The newly approved hall includes, among other things, a conveyor tunnel under the I/35 road connecting it to an already existing hall. This underground transport and communication corridor will significantly help to reduce traffic congestion both in the vicinity of the project and within the site itself," comments David Plzák, VGP Country Manager for the Czech Republic.

The construction of all halls was carried out with sustainability and environmental considerations in mind. On the roof of this final building, preparations already have been completed for the placement of photovoltaic panels with a total capacity of 2,812 KWp. Their installation is scheduled for the 3rd quarter of this year. "We also have taken a whole range of steps within the site to support the local ecosystem. These include, for example, establishing a flowering meadow within which we have placed beehives, stone walls for reptiles and an insect hotel. We have also modified the rainwater retention basin to maintain a constant water level. This has created a natural pond, complete with stone paving around the edges, a biotope which fits in with the local landscape," David Plzák adds.

Drylock has established its flagship production plant in Hrádek nad Nisou. It is now a fast-growing company with headquarters in Belgium and additional plants in Italy, Spain, the USA and Brazil. "Drylock Technologies is an important business partner for us. We are very pleased to be able to offer our client new storage capacity as part of the expansion, to do so in a relatively short time, and while including the requirement to supply electricity from renewable energy sources," adds Ondřej Titz, VGP's Commercial Director for the Czech Republic.

"I very much appreciate the very professional cooperation with VGP, which reflects our often very specific needs, especially in the area of production halls. From this perspective, the just completed warehouse hall was a rather standard project (apart from the very specific tunnel connection under the 1st class road I/35). On the other hand, VGP is currently converting the existing warehouse hall into a production hall, which involves a number of construction and technological modifications such as the construction of mezzanines, the construction of a new transformer station and compressed air compressor station and many other technical installations necessary for the expansion of the production of baby hygiene products (baby diapers and pants)," comments Jiří Lukeš, director of Drylock's production plant in Hrádek nad Nisou.

VGP has already built a roundabout, a 500-metre-long sidewalk to Oldřichov na Hranicích, including a rainwater drainage system and LED public lighting, and a new sewage system as part of its support for local infrastructure and the cultivation of the park surroundings in Hrádek nad Nisou. As part of this construction, fruit trees were planted along the road to Oldřichov. Additional trees were planted also on the earth mound that the company created as a sound barrier to reduce noise emissions in the direction of Oldřichov na Hranicích, and finally a fully fitted public rest area to serve residents.