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Verv, a company active in the field of energy-efficient climate control technology, announced the appointment of James Dearsley, a long-term friend and speaker of Property Forum events, as its new Chief Executive Officer for the EMEA region. This appointment comes at a pivotal time for Verv as it extends its innovative energy-efficient climate control technologies to North America, having been selected as one of only three companies globally for the LA Clean Tech Incubator Market Access Program.

Dearsley, a distinguished figure in the PropTech sector and an advocate for digital transformation within the property industry, brings to Verv a wealth of experience and a forward-thinking approach. His extensive background as a keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and pioneer in PropTech procurement through Unissu, aligns perfectly with Verv's mission of revolutionizing energy use in heating and cooling systems. Dearsley's leadership in the EMEA region is anticipated to drive significant growth, innovation, and sustainable solutions in alignment with global energy efficiency goals.

The original Founder and Chairman of Verv has recently shifted focus to the North American expansion, highlighting the company's commitment to global sustainability and innovation.

"With the dynamic shifts in the global energy landscape and our recent accolades in North America, it was imperative for us to strengthen our leadership team to maintain our momentum in the EMEA region," said the Founder and Chairman of Verv. "James Dearsley's appointment as CEO for EMEA is a strategic move that aligns with our mission of global growth and innovation. His proven track record in the PropTech sector and his visionary approach to the built environment are invaluable as we continue to push the boundaries of energy efficiency and sustainability."

Dearsley's strategic vision for Verv in the EMEA region is set to complement the company's efforts in North America, ensuring a cohesive global strategy that addresses the urgent need for sustainable energy solutions. "I am thrilled to join Verv at such a crucial juncture in its journey," said James Dearsley. "The opportunity to lead the EMEA region and to contribute to a global mission of sustainable energy use is both exciting and humbling. I look forward to working with the team to drive innovation, growth, and meaningful impact in the climate control technology sector."

As Verv continues to expand its global footprint, the appointment of James Dearsley signifies a strategic reinforcement of its leadership team, poised to accelerate the company's mission of revolutionizing energy efficiency and sustainability across heating and cooling systems worldwide.