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Vastint Poland has been awarded the LEED Gold certification for the Sound Garden Hotel located within Business Garden Warsaw. This is the last of seven buildings that make up this  complex, which has successfully undergone multi-criteria environmental verification.

“The certified building is one of two completed in the first phase of the development. Initially, due to the presence of a hotel component, we did not plan to subject it to environmental verification procedures. The reason for changing our stance on this matter was the implementation of the ESG strategy, according to which all new and modernized Vastint buildings should have environmental certifications, preferably in line with recognized international systems. Achieving a high level of LEED for this property is the best testament to our approach to sustainable construction and a sign of the high standards offered by the space”. says David Pettersson, Senior Project Manager at Vastint Poland.

The building in question is located at 18 Żwirki i Wigury Street, at the intersection of this artery with 1 Sierpnia Street. Its silhouette with a modernist façade facing the street and sculptural architecture facing the garden was designed by the JSK studio in collaboration with the Fuksas studio. The main part of the seven-story building is occupied by the Sound Garden Hotel with a conference centre, Garden Eatery restaurant, and Bistro & Bar. The two towers facing the inner courtyard are leased by office tenants. In 2022, the property underwent extensive renovation, which changed the functionality and aesthetics of the interiors and allowed for the implementation of a series of technical improvements.

Business Garden Warsaw is a complex of seven buildings with a total area of ​​90,000 sqm. The buildings are situated in a garden designed in the shape of a trapezoid on the majority of a 6-hectare plot. The users can benefit from amenities including a cafeteria, bank branch, and fitness club. The complex provides access to both the centre of Warsaw and key transportation points such as the airport, ring road, SKM station, and bus stops. Business Garden also features cyclist-friendly solutions and electric vehicle charging stations on-site.