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by Property Forum | Retail

The Japanese apparel brand is preparing to open its first pop-up store in Poland – in Domy Towarowe Wars Sawa Junior in the centre of Warsaw. The two-storey store in one of the most popular shopping destinations in central Warsaw is set to open this autumn.

The entire leased area covers approx. 1,500 square meters of space (800 sqm of sales area) over two floors in the Junior building. Currently, the premises is undergoing interior design works.

“UNIQLO’s presence aligns perfectly with our concept for changes at Domy Towarowe Wars Sawa Junior. It’s an iconic place that attracts everyone on the lookout for the latest urban trends. By working with brands such as UNIQLO, we’d like to attract a new generation of customers that, no matter how adept at navigating the world of social media and online shopping, still values a genuine relationship with brands and the ability to directly experience the products they offer. Home to many flagship stores and renowned global brands Domy Towarowe Wars Sawa Junior is the perfect place to establish a brand in the Polish market - we are happy that another unique retail brand has chosen Atrium” says Scott Dwyer, Group Managing Director – Retail at Atrium European Real Estate, the owner of Domy Towarowe Wars Sawa Junior.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to engage with customers in Poland for the first time in person and explain LifeWear - apparel that is created from our Japanese values of simplicity, quality and longevity. The decision to establish a physical presence in this new market builds on our experience of offering customers the latest products via the UNIQLO Europe online store. Through our pop-up store we hope to gain a deeper understanding of the Polish market and use learnings to make long-term plans for the future,” adds Taku Morikawa, UNIQLO Europe CEO.

The new UNIQLO location is yet another step in the continued evolution of Domy Towarowe Wars Sawa Junior’s retail offer. On 1 September, popular sports brand Adidas will open its most innovative and region’s largest store covering 2,400 square meters of space across three floors in the Sawa building.