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by Property Forum | Report

Ukrainian real estate market players, representing cities, companies and projects, will gather for the fifth time in a row under the “Ukraine @ MIPIM” initiative. Ukraine has been represented at MIPIM for over 15 years.

For the last three years, the Ukrainian market has been represented by the city of Kyiv, headed by Mayor Vitalii Klitschko and supported by the local business community.

“This is an example of uniting real estate players to adequately present the Ukrainian market and the Ukrainian brand in general on the international arena. Our task as organizers is to follow global trends, to focus of international companies, and maintain communication with foreign players to adapt the Ukrainian program to MIPIM,” Anna Nestulia, Principal of the Invest in Projects agency, co-organizer of Ukraine @ MIPIM says.

Anna adds that critical trends observed in global markets are the transformation and digitalization of offices and the urban environment, the development of logistics real estate and the growth and diversification of the housing market. In addition, the topics of ESG (ecology, social responsibility, and governance) and sustainable development remain a separate powerful focus for foreign companies, particularly investors.

“In 2022, the exhibition’s main theme will be Driving Urban Change,” says Dmytro Dopiro, MIPIM representative in Ukraine. “The fight for clean air, solving transport problems, comfortable living, working and labour conditions for citizens – the global community will discuss all this at numerous conferences at the exhibition. MIPIM 2022 will take place from March 15 to March 18 and we invite everyone to join the collective stand of Ukrainian companies at MIPIM.”

“The speed of serious transformations in numerous segments of the economy, as well as the importance of ecosystems, is growing at an increasing rate, and such positive changes can be observed in Ukraine as well,” says Yuriy Kryvosheya, President & Managing Partner at Toronto-Kyiv, Head of Supervisory Board of Ukraine @ MIPIM. “Taking into consideration the amazing potential of our market, we can and should make proper steps forward to not only participate in such transformations but even to lead such certain positive changes and innovations. Today, Ukraine gives birth to innovative products & technologies, and, often, the property market serves as the infrastructure and platform for their subsequent application and usage. Thus, it is time to move forward onto the next level of overall development in a synergetic manner. MIPIM, in addition to being one of the top global stages for investor relations, provides instruments to the aforementioned improvements and provides exposure to additional ideas, all of which have the potential to launch a positive virtuous cycle. We just need to act, and to do so together!”

The composition of the Ukrainian delegation at MIPIM 2022 includes leading companies in the market. They implement innovative ideas and consistently transform the urban environment.

Among the Ukrainian delegates for MIPIM 2022: Promprylad.Renovation, Toronto-Kyiv, TK Property Management, Q Partners, UDP, Altis Holding, Lviv Tech City, Dragon Capital, Intergal Bud, Midland Development, Delta, STRIX, M4U Estate, Masnavi Capital, Mandarin Plaza Group, Creator City, STOIC Group, Ol.Factory, One Love Espresso Bar, CBM Forum, Arricano, LUN, KC Hospitality Solutions.

“Property Forum is excited to join the Ukraine @ MIPIM stand as media partner. We’ve always been passionate about introducing Central and Eastern European cities, experts and projects to the international real estate community and we believe that this initiative provides a great opportunity to showcase Ukraine’s untapped potential,” explains Csanád Csürös, CEO and Founder of Property Forum.

Holiday Inn Kyiv is a special hospitality partner for Ukraine @ MIPIM official presentations, conferences, and press events in Kyiv before and after MIPIM.

Diplomatic institutions, business organizations and associations support Ukraine @ MIPIM. The Embassy of Ukraine in France, EBA, Canada Ukraine Chamber of Commerce and Ukrainian Real Estate Club is among them. Kyiv City is an official partner for the Kyiv representation. has become an exceptional partner and co-host of the events dedicated to investments promotion of residential real estate in Ukraine. This year the company will present its residential real estate outlook on Ukraine for the international business community.