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In 2022, Expo Real is organizing a networking and information pavilion with 132 sqm dedicated to Ukraine, its cities, real estate players and projects.

“For the first time, Ukraine will be represented with a booth in Munich. Kyiv is Munich’s twin city, so it made sense to provide a forum not only for the capital but for the country as a whole, to provide information about possibilities for future reconstruction, and to establish cooperation and networks. The stand, which reflects the colours of Ukraine, offers meeting opportunities and a small stage for lectures and discussions. The spectrum of events is wide-ranging and is intended above all to deepen understanding of the country, its geography, history, and culture, which has been rather less familiar to many until now – and to advertise the possibility of participating in the reconstruction of Ukraine in the future,” says Claudia Boyman, Exhibition Director of Expo Real.

The Ukrainian stand at Expo Real is inspired and coordinated by Invest in Projects, an agency with many-year experience in international promotion for real estate, proptech and investment sectors.

Avellum, a leading Ukrainian law firm with vast expertise in real estate and infrastructure, is an exclusive advisor to the Ukrainian delegation at Expo Real.

“I do not doubt that the construction sector will be at the forefront of our country’s rebuilding. Thus, we aim to help Ukrainian companies to bring the best solutions for future projects in Ukraine. These projects will be a part of the large-scale “building back better” program already initiated by the state and its partners,” states Maksym Maksymenko, Partner at Avellum.

“To make the sustainable future possible and to overcome war-related challenges and crises, Ukrainians should have strong international partners standing side by side with us on our way. Expo Real is such a partner for us with sound experience, reputation, and strong willingness to help”, says Anna Nestulia, Principal at Invest in Projects.

Anna adds that the concept of Ukraine at Expo Real was created based on the experience of the country’s representation at similar events. The three-day program will include an official opening by the leaders, charity events, panel discussions and face-to-face meetings with international players dedicated to the Ukrainian case. Invest in Projects invites Ukrainian companies to join the stand by filling out the application form.