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UDI Group has opened the fully completed Sázava Logistics Park on the D1 motorway near Ostředek in the Central Bohemia Region. The construction of the complex, which offers 50,000 sqm of space, required an investment of CZK 1 billion (€42 million). Approximately 300 employees have found work in four plants. The group is currently building another similar facility, which will offer 130,000 sqm of space in three halls. The investment is worth CZK 3 billion (€126 million).

The logistics company WEDO has located its sorting plant for the entire Czech Republic and Slovakia here. The largest hall is used by the Nagel Group, which stores foodstuffs for Czech retailers, Marimex also has a central warehouse on the premises and the Emons forwarding company has a warehouse for the whole of Bohemia. All four warehouse halls with a total area of 50,000 sqm are fully leased at the time of completion.

"We focused mainly on water management, which is irreplaceable. We are therefore the first in the country to convert rainwater into drinking water in a newly built treatment plant costing more than 20 million crowns (€846,000). The competitors water their rainwater with rainwater at most, but we purify it to drinking water quality and supply three-quarters of the entire site with it. This saves 8,700 m3 of drinking water per year. The rest of the site is supplied with water from boreholes on the property. In terms of water management, the site is essentially an island solution," Marcela Fialková, the Group's Strategy Director explains. The site is undergoing BREEAM environmental certification and is also working with a range of other environmentally friendly measures. Of particular importance is the low energy consumption, which is ensured by the high-quality insulation of the buildings. Modern truck entrances reduce heat loss in winter and light and partially green roofs minimise heat island formation in summer. Biodiversity has also been thought of, with a variety of different beetle and bumblebee habitats, green areas newly landscaped and a hundred new trees planted.

The Group is currently building another similar site on the D5 motorway near Přehýšov for CZK 3 billion (€126 million). A total of 130,000 sqm will be built in three halls on D5. Here, too, UDI Group will focus on sustainability. It wants to promote the possibility of solar power plants on the roofs. This could generate up to 12 MW at peak times. Rainwater will be used as greywater. Biodiversity measures will include the construction of bio-corridors in place of regulated streams. The site will be certified to the BREEAM environmental standard, aiming for Excellent. "We started the construction of two of the three halls speculatively, i.e. without having a signed contract with a specific tenant. Companies are cautious in the current economic situation. However, there is a lot of interest, so we believe that we will soon lease the halls. On the contrary, by building ahead we are meeting the demands of companies that want to move into the new hall as soon as possible after signing the contract," explains Fialková. The first hall of the Logistics Centre Přehýšov, which will offer 50,000 sqm of space, will be fully completed this year. Another of the halls currently has its skeleton completed and the group is ready to continue construction immediately, according to the requirements of the specific customer.