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by Property Forum | Residential

UBM Development Czechia announced a significant milestone in sustainable construction in the Czech Republic, allowing the construction of wooden buildings up to 22.5 meters using the engineering method.

This development follows the validation of wooden building suitability by key institutions, with changes to standards expected in the first half of the next year. To expedite this process, parts of Eurocodes 5 and four ISO standards on fire engineering have been introduced, with proposed standard changes scheduled for the first half of 2025. The Platform for Sustainable Wood Construction, initiated by UBM Development Czechia and Prodesi/Domesi, has played a crucial role, with member companies like Skanska, Linkcity, and others actively supporting a greener future for the Czech construction industry.

Josef Wiedermann, Managing Director of UBM Development Czechia, sees this as a significant shift towards sustainability, aligning the Czech Republic with developed Western European countries. He emphasises the environmental benefits of wood as a building material, citing the Timber Praha project's 60% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to traditional construction methods. The legislation's approval opens doors for more ecological wooden buildings in the country, contributing to a more environmentally friendly construction industry.