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Czech investment and development group Trigema has bought a 51% stake in, the market leader in online real estate valuation. Its founder, Hyposervis, retains 49% of the company. Following the acquisition, the parties did not disclose the amount. The newly created real estate data provider has been renamed Dataligence.

The new Czech real estate data provider, intended to increase the transparency of real estate data, will be called Dataligence and replace the original brand Cenová Its founder, Hyposervis, has sold a 51% stake to investment and development group Trigema.

Meanwhile, Trigema already owns a data aggregator startup for new development projects, Flat Zone, and the acquisition now gives it a stake in another key real estate data company. The synergy of the company's database, Flat Zone data and data will create the largest and most comprehensive real estate data platform and a comprehensive base for digitizing the real estate and mortgage market containing data from the last 25 years. However, each of the companies will continue to operate on their own for their specific market segment, they will just use each other's data and experience.

According to Trigema's chairman, the main goal of Dataligence will be to straighten out the market and develop tools for the digitisation of the real estate market and the digitisation of mortgages and, in collaboration with Deloitte, to provide relevant real estate data, including its correct interpretation.

"The connection of people who have been working on real estate data for the last 15 years, from CenovaMapa, Trigema, Flat Zone and Deloitte, allows us to create a unique and unique platform of knowledge, experience and data that is unparalleled in the Czech Republic," adds Milan Roček, owner of Hyposervis, which founded the portal and operates it in cooperation with the consulting firm Deloitte. Hyposervis will now hold a 49% stake. Deloitte acted as the exclusive advisor in the creation of the portal, particularly in the area of creating digital tools for the online valuation of apartments. Deloitte also played a significant role in the current transaction.