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by Property Forum | Residential

Trei Real Estate Poland has launched its first investment in Poland in the private rented sector. The property located at ul. Piątkowska in Poznań is to be ready in 2025. The developer plans to build 450 apartments, which will be available in the institutional lease formula.

The investor is preparing a plot at ul. Piątkowska, where a residential complex will be built entirely for rent. Currently, the developer is in the process of relocating the Biedronka supermarket, which is located in the area he has purchased. For all works related to the construction of a new property for the Biedronka chain and the demolition of the facility at ul. Piątkowska is the responsibility of the Strabag company.

The PRS project in Poznań will provide a total of 450 apartments for rent located in three buildings. The complex will offer over 19,000 sqm of multi-function space. The investment is distinguished by its location - located between the Winiary and Winogrady estates, near the Cytadela Park, university campuses of Poznań universities, but also in close proximity to the city centre, the Old Market Square and numerous commercial facilities.

"We are building the Poznań PRS on the model of our investments in other countries. As in Germany and the USA, the apartments that will be built here will be fully rented. Buildings will be designed in a way specific to the PRS function. The apartments will be fully equipped with modern kitchens and bathrooms. The entire complex will be professionally managed, which will guarantee the comfort that is often difficult to find on the private rental market. The management service is one of the distinguishing features of PRS housing estates compared to standard housing investments. In addition to the residential function, we will offer many additional services, incl. stores with basic products. Such a facility will better suit the needs of people who do not want to stay in one place for a long time", says Jacek Wesołowski, Managing Director of Trei Real Estate Poland.

The investment in Poznań is the first implementation of PRS Trei in Poland. In the US and Germany, Trei has built a total of four housing estates offering 900 apartments available in the institutional lease formula. Currently, the developer is implementing 20 more PRS investments, which will provide a total of 3,600 apartments. These estates are located in Berlin, Mainz, Hamburg, Munich, Nashville, Charlotte and Raleigh.

Trei Real Estate has been present in Poland since 2008. The developer started his activity by building retail parks, the first of which he opened in 2013 in Nysa. Currently, its portfolio includes 29 properties of this type, which it is building under the common brand Vendo Park and is planning further projects.