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by Property Forum | Industrial

A new inner city warehouse, Gdynia City Logistics, will be built in Gdynia on Północna Street, just 9 km from the city centre, less than 30 minutes drive from the airport and 10 minutes from Gdynia Port. Torus, as part of the diversification of its operations under the name Torus Logistics and in cooperation with BTV Real Estate, has just received a decision on land development conditions.

Gdynia City Logistics will offer approximately 23,500 square metres of logistics and office space. Torus intends to have the centre certified with a BREEAM certificate with a rating of ‘Excellent’. Pro-ecological solutions will ensure energy efficiency and significantly reduce operating costs.

The industrial and warehouse micro-location makes the project suitable for multiple types of operations including port-related services, inner-city logistics / last-mile delivery and e-commerce. The planned Red Road and northern ring road of the Tri-City agglomeration (OPAT) will provide a direct connection between Gdynia Port and the national highway system, including S6 expressway, allowing smooth deliveries within the Tri City and further afield Poland.

"We are consistently diversifying our development activities in the Tri-City, simultaneously carrying out investments in office, logistics and mixed-use projects. Gdynia City Logistics will be a warehouse reflection of our approach to business - a great location within the city, excellent communication and functionality that can fit the needs of various tenants. In addition, a number of advanced solutions and certification of the facility in the BREEAM system, which guarantees quality and compliance with environmental standards, in accordance with the ESG principles", says Sławomir Gajewski, President of Torus.

TORUS is a private development company based in Gdańsk, one of the largest Polish office developers. The company’s portfolio also includes hotel investments (including refurbishment), and warehouse and residential investments. So far, Torus has delivered to the Tri-City market over 180,000 square metres of leasable space and completed 7 sales transactions of their office properties to 6 different funds, for a total amount of nearly €370 million.