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by Property Forum | Industrial

Gdańsk-based developer Torus Logistics has announced the acquisition of a building permit for its new initiative, Gdynia City Logistics which will be developed in in partnership with BTV, a boutique asset and development management company specialising in logistics real estate.

The sanctioned project encompasses the development of a warehouse and office facility, spanning 23,500 square meters. Positioned on Północna Street, a mere 5 kilometres from the Gdynia Port and 9 kilometres from the city centre of Gdynia, the site strategically caters to diverse operational needs, including port-related services, inner-city logistics/last-mile delivery, and e-commerce.

“We consistently diversify our development activities, capitalizing on the favourable market conditions in the logistics sector. We have extensive experience from other warehouse or office investments, which will pay off here and will be reflected, among other things, in the functionality of the facility or its certification,” says Sławomir Gajewski, CEO of Torus.

“Gdynia City Logistics symbolizes our commitment to pioneering innovative and sustainable solutions for the dynamically evolving logistics market. As the Development Manager collaborating with Torus Logistics we aspire to create a facility that not only meets but surpasses the expectations of our customers, offering efficiency, savings, and environmental responsibility,” expressed Tomasz Puch, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at BTV.

The environmentally conscious design of the facility incorporates state-of-the-art features such as photovoltaic panels, heat pumps for energy efficiency, LED lighting, and skylights for natural illumination. Gdynia City Logistics also boasts amenities such as bicycle shelters, an outdoor relaxation area with a gym, electric car chargers, flower meadows, insect houses, and beehives. Notably, these initiatives position the warehouse for BREEAM certification with an anticipated 'Excellent' rating.

The Gdynia City Logistics project is currently in active construction and is slated for delivery in Q3 2024.