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Synapsis Property Ventures plans to build a new type of hotel at the entrance to Železná studienka in the office zone next to ESET's headquarters in Bratislava. The plan has already received a positive investment decision from the City of Bratislava. The total cost of the construction is estimated by the developer to exceed €50 million. The project is co-financed by Tatra Banka. 

The Campus Hotel regenerates a currently abandoned warehouse complex, which provides no added value to its surroundings and the city, into a full-fledged urban mixed-use complex, designed with ecological sustainability, the creation of an inclusive urban environment and the spatial and functional diversity provided in mind. The complex will include new mature greenery. The project will thus create 3.2 times more total green space than the current situation. The total cost of the construction, which is co-financed by Tatra Banka, probably exceeds €50 million.

Behind the architectural design of the Campus Hotel is a team of experienced architects from Sadovsky & Architects, who won an international architectural competition between studios from England, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. The guiding principles of the award-winning design by Sadovsky & Architects were, in particular, the choice of building in the form of an urban block structure, the creation of an inclusive green inner courtyard with a park and the use of roofscape. The project will include a system to promote a favourable microclimate by combining green spaces, mature trees and rainwater harvesting. The Campus Hotel targets BREEAM international certification for building sustainability.

Hotel Campus will provide accommodation services in approximately 290 accommodation units. The vision of Hotel Campus is to combine accommodation with work and customer stay in a zone of innovation, formal and informal meetings, as well as relaxation in touch with the urban forests, which provide abundant opportunities for leisure in the nature of the Little Carpathians. Customers of Hotel Campus will have a number of flexible multifunctional spaces such as a lobby, bistro with a café, fitness room, lounges with spaces for work, meeting but also relaxation, plus residential roof terraces and green oases in the inner courtyard.