News Article Bratislava development residential Slovakia Synapsis Property Ventures
by Property Forum | Residential

Bratislava-based investor-developer Synapsis Property Ventures is preparing a set of 37 family houses, with the aim of creating community family housing, near the Slovak capital’s Knižkova dolina area. Each house will have approximately 140 sqm of net usable area. The estimated investment of the project is €20 million.

The Knižkova family houses will provide their residents with proximity to a dominant natural element, combined with existing public amenities within walking distance, such as a summer swimming pool, amphitheatre, cafes, restaurants and shops.

Each house will have its own outdoor terrace and green garden. The houses will be complemented by eco-friendly solutions such as green roofs, rainwater harvesting or heat pumps.

The design comes from an architectural competition, based on the winning design by studio AT26.