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Synapsis Property Ventures, a boutique investment company that makes private investments in development projects in Slovakia, bought two real estate projects in Bratislava last year. They are Hotel Campus near Železná studienky and Knižkova family houses in the Rača district. The current total amount of the company's private equity investments is approximately €12 million, Synapsis announced. 

"The Slovak investment market is an eldorado," begins Michal Padych, general partner of Synapsis Property Ventures. "Investments based on speculation, untrustworthy managers, debt disguised as equity or inappropriate joint venture structures from the outset; you can choose which factor puts your investment at risk first," adds Padych.

Synapsis Property Ventures was founded with a vision of targeted and professional private equity investing in development projects in Slovakia. The company combines years of experience in the acquisition and implementation of development projects in Slovakia with experience in private equity investments abroad. "In my opinion, anyone who manages investments in property development must be a developer first and an investor second," says Padych. He adds that Synapsis Property Ventures' investment approach is an example of defensive investing. "In the first place, you cannot lose the investment, only in the second place, you can get a return. You have to understand the risk in the first place, then in the second place you have to chase the profit."

Synapsis Property Ventures invests its own capital and that of private investors in carefully selected opportunities. Synapsis Property Ventures' investors are Slovak and Czech private investors who meet high criteria for the origin of the invested capital. Each opportunity is thoroughly analyzed, modelled and calculated from many sides. "Only when the opportunity makes sense to us and we invest our own money, our families' money, only then do we offer co-investment opportunities to our private investors." The confidence in the Synapsis Property Ventures team is evidenced by the fact that both of the company's initial projects are co-funded by strong international banks.