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As of 7 November 2023, Swiss Life Select Reality will be managed by Andrea Daňhelová, who was previously Director of Operations, Legal and Compliance. Andrea Daňhelová takes over the management of one of the most important real estate companies on the Czech market from Jaromír Mašek, who has been in charge of the company since its establishment in 2013. Swiss Life Select Reality is a subsidiary of Swiss Life Select. 

Andrea Daňhelová has been with Swiss Life Select Reality for eight years. She was at the very beginning of the legal department and after a short time, she took over its management. In 2019, she became the Director of Operations, Legal and Compliance at Swiss Life Select Reality. During her career, Andrea Daňhelová has introduced several innovative and technological innovations in the company, which have significantly advanced the quality of client services. In 2020, she won the Deloitte Legal Disruptors Awards, which recognizes outstanding innovators in the legal industry. In 2021, she was included among the TOP 100 women of the Czech-Slovak legal business.

"My goal is to focus on innovation and technological progress. I consider these to be key to dynamic growth and maintaining a competitive advantage. I want to focus on integrating technological innovations and automating processes so that our services constantly exceed client expectations and simplify the work of our team. Furthermore, I want to continue to deepen the business relationships between our brokers and financial consultants from the parent Swiss Life Select to ensure that we continue to provide our clients with first-class service and comprehensive property advice," said Andrea Daňhelová, the new CEO of Swiss Life Select Reality.

Andrea Daňhelová takes over the management of Swiss Life Select Reality from Jaromír Mašek, who has been with the company for over 10 years. "Jaromír was at the beginning of the company in 2013 and under his leadership, Swiss Life Select Reality has combined real estate services with financial consulting. Thanks to this, it grew dynamically and soon became one of the leading Czech real estate companies," said Karel Šulc, CEO of Swiss Life Select, about Jaromír Mašek's work.

Swiss Life Select Reality cooperates with more than 240 real estate brokers operating throughout the Czech Republic. For clients, the company provides complete mediation of the sale, purchase or lease of real estate at a professional level.