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Starting already from June 14th this year, customers can do shopping within seconds in the first Żappka Store opened within the premises of the Poznań International Fair. The Żappka Store is usable with an application and it has neither checkouts nor attendants. Because the facility is available 24/7, customers can use it at any time of day or night.

Żappka Store uses AI-based technology created in cooperation of Żabka Future with U.S.-based technology company AiFi. 

"Żabka Group develops concepts in the modern convenience area, which respond to the needs of contemporary customers. They expect convenient, fast solutions combining the digital world with their environment. Żappka Store perfectly matches such trend. Jointly with żappka application, which already has 5 million users, it co-creates an ecosystem of digital solutions facilitating the lives of our customers", says Tomasz Suchański, CEO, Żabka Polska Group.

Żappka Store is a format developed in locations where standard Żabka stores cannot be opened. 

"Żappka Store combines offline and online worlds and builds a new shopping experience for customers, who can do fast shopping even within a few seconds by selecting a product and simply leaving without the necessity to make the payment on the spot. They do not have to wonder whether they have cash or a payment card, whether they will have to queue, or where they can do shopping at 5 a.m. This is a new value on the market and it supplements our existing offer", says Tomasz Blicharski, CEO, Żabka Future.

The concept was created in the tech lab of the Żabka Group, which develops, tests and then implements new digital solutions in cooperation with partners and startups. Employees and associates of the Żabka chain were the first to have the opportunity to test the innovative technologies of the Żappka Store. 

Customer only needs smartphone with the żappka application installed and to activate the Żappka Pay service. Before entry into the Żappka Store, the application generates a one-time QR code assigned to the given customer; the code must be scanned by the reader at the door. After the code has been scanned, the door opens automatically. Once we are inside, shopping will take just a moment– it is enough to pick up selected products from shelves and leave.

The system of cameras installed in the Żabka Store, as part of AiFi’s AI-powered autonomous store platform, will identify the products picked from shelves, calculates the bill amount, and then finalize the payment via the payment card linked to Żappka Pay. The system does not store customer images, guaranteeing full privacy and security.

Żappka Store uses the innovative AiFi OASIS (Orchestrated Autonomous Store Infrastructure & Services) platform, i.e. a system of cameras using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.

"Żabka became interested in our autonomous store solution because they wanted to enable convenient shopping to their customers. The implemented solutions are the future of retail and we are extremely happy about the opportunity to introduce this technology in other locations across Poland in partnership with Żabka". says Steve Gu, AiFi co-founder and CEO.

Initially, the automated Żappka Store will offer over 300 various products, including sweets, ready-to-eat dishes, salty and sweet snacks, beverages, as well as hot, freshly-ground coffee from a coffee maker. During the pandemic restrictions, only one person will be allowed inside the Żappka Store at a time. There are already plans to launch Żappka Stores in the biggest cities of Poland – the second automated POS is going to be located in Warsaw.

Żappka Store was developed under the framework of the Żabka Future Business Incubator, which combines three elements: management and search for innovations, translating them into new products and services, and their commercialization.