News Article Didier Balcaen Paltim residential Romania Speedwell Timișoara
by Property Forum | Residential

Speedwell has kicked off the development of the second residential building of the mixed-use project Paltim based in Timișoara.

The developer has already sold more than 40% of the 113 homes included in the second building. 

“This percentage is a clear confirmation of the interest and trust that people are showing towards the project," says Didier Balcaen, CEO and Co-Founder of Speedwell.

In the meantime, the developer has completed the first building with 123 apartments, which reached a sale rate close to 70%.

Aside from apartments, the project includes an office building, retail spaces and two restored historical buildings.

Speedwell’s portfolio includes office, residential and mixed-use projects in Bucharest and regional cities.