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by Property Forum | Investment

Speedwell has purchased a land plot of 14 hectares in Corbeanca locality, close to northern Bucharest, for a new residential development that will feature 210 villas. 

All the homes in the planned project Glenwood Estate will include photovoltaic panels, heat pumps and additional facilities designed to ensure the sustainability of the complex. 

“The Corbeanca area has the advantage of being in proximity of Bucharest, yet it is also a setting where people have access to nature and all its benefits. Silence, safety, and a feeling of community are the base of our concept. We have given the development the feeling of a naturally grown village with organic shaped roads and footpaths that follow the slope of the land,” said Jan Demeyere, Architect and Co-Founder of Speedwell. 

The residents will also benefit from the vast array of existing facilities such as kindergartens, convenience stores and other services, already present in the Corbeanca area. 

Sales for the first homes in Glenwood Estate will start this summer. 

Speedwell’s portfolio includes residential, office and mixed-use projects in Bucharest and regional cities.