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by Property Forum | Residential

Belgian developer Speedwell has obtained the construction permit for the third building of The Ivy, the premium residential complex located in the Băneasa neighborhood, in Bucharest. The building is part of the second phase of development and represents an investment of €22 million, out of the €160 million value of the entire project.

The construction works are under way and the sales for the new apartments have already topped 42%. The complex will feature 10 buildings with 800 residential units in total. 

”As we continue to shape this remarkable project, we are also witnessing the growing community that is forming here, with residents having already moved or preparing to do it for the first two buildings. Furthermore, we are thrilled to see the continuous advancement in sales for the third building,” said Jan Demeyere, Architect and Co-Founder of Speedwell. 

The Ivy has obtained the green building certifications RGBC and BREEAM.