News Article Jan Demeyere Paltim residential Romania Speedwell Timișoara
by Property Forum | Residential

Property developer Speedwell has received the building permit for Phase 1 of the Paltim project that will feature 123 apartments out of 236 planned units, with construction works set to start soon. 

Paltim is a mixed-use scheme that will include apartments, office and retail spaces, with the additional refurbishment of two historical buildings. The project is located close to the Bega River, near Central Park and within walking distance from the city centre. Future residents will benefit from easy access to the main points of interest, as well as a short commute to any destination within the city. 

“We are certain the city’s inhabitants will benefit from our project as a new community will form here, while also contributing to the growth of this area,” said Jan Demeyere, Architect and Co-Founder at Speedwell. 

The company has already sold half of the available stock of apartments since Octomber 2021. 

Speedwell's portfolio of developments across Bucharest and regional cities includes office, residential and mixed-use schemes.