News Article Jan Demeyere Paltim Romania Speedwell Timișoara
by Property Forum | Investment

Real estate developer Speedwell has purchased a new land plot in Timișoara, where the company plans to start the construction of its second mixed-use project in the city. The value of the transaction was not made public.

The land plot is located on the on the premises of the former 1 IUNIE S. A. textile factory. The total surface of the plot entails 24,217 sqm that will be further developed for residential, office, and commercial use. The plot comprises existing assets with a built capacity of around 33,000 sqm. 

“Corresponding to what has been achieved with PALTIM, our mixed-use project in Timișoara that includes residential, office, and commercial space, the new development will offer exceptional value to its inhabitants due to our commitment to quality and sustainability but as well due to its excellent location close to the centre of Timișoara, its history, and natural beauty," said Jan Demeyere, Architect and Co-Founder of Speedwell. 

The initial concept for Speedwell’s new development in Timișoara will feature residential units, workspaces, small production, cultural venues, local shops and recreation areas. 

Speedwell’s portfolio includes office, residential and mixed-use schemes in Bucharest and regional cities.