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The first hostel with sleeping capsules has opened in Sofia. Green Cube is a low-budget hostel, which design follows the model of the unique Japanese lodgings with miniature rooms with individual sleeping capsules. The hostel is located next to the central railway and bus station of Sofia.

Green Cube features large common indoor areas and shared rooms and it can accommodate up to 100 guests. Each capsule features spot lighting, an electrical outlet, and a dense soundproof curtain. The capsules are two or four in a room, with a small wardrobe for each guest. Laundry facilities, luggage storage, a kitchen, a shared bathroom, and dining area, upholstered furniture, and a library are also available. Access to the premises is secured by electronic locking.

The aim of the hostel's creators is to attract large groups of tourists. Partners in the company, founded in 2018, are the architectural studios PAM Consult and Contraster, as well as Tulips Consult Ltd. and Golyam Lyab.Arch. Parvanov, together with Contraste", are the initiators of the first restaurant and the first dormitory of shipping containers in Bulgaria. In 2015, they also had an idea for a container hotel.