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Skanska's commercial development business unit in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) appointed new directors responsible for the developing and leading teams in Environmental and Health & Safety areas.

Veronika Themerson is now the company’s Environmental Director, while Mircea Bosie serves as the Health and Safety Director. Themerson and Bosie will lead teams across Skanska’s business unit in CEE – Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania.

“Care for life is one of Skanska’s core values, therefore protecting our people and the planet lies at the very heart of what we do. In situations that are physically or psychologically unsafe, we refuse to be bystanders. This applies to the environment and climate change, too”, says Jacob Møller-Nielsen, Executive Vice President of the Center of Excellence at Skanska’s commercial development business unit in Central Eastern Europe, to which the newly appointed directors report. Safeguarding the environment and ensuring health and safety for all are integral parts of the Skanska Group’s business strategy.

“With their experience, technical and managerial skills, in-depth knowledge of industry trends, standards and our organization, Veronika and Mircea are excellently positioned to shape and implement our agenda in these strategically important areas across the CEE region”, adds Jacob Møller-Nielsen.

Veronika Themerson is a real estate project manager, architect and people leader with a 20-year track record. In her new role she will be responsible for shaping, planning and implementing the Skanska’s office development business unit’s strategy in the area of sustainable solutions and innovation. She also coordinates ESG-related knowledge gathering and sharing activities across the business unit, collating expertise from the Environmental, Technical Quality & Innovations, Human Resources, Health & Safety, Community Investment, Legal & Compliance and other areas. Veronika joined Skanska in 2013 and has held managerial and director positions. She was also involved in several transactions of purchasing land plots and processes of selling buildings.

Mircea Bosie is a health & safety expert and manager with a career spanning almost 15 years in the real estate sector. In his new role Mircea is responsible for setting and planning the business unit's standards in the area of Health & Safety (H&S) in line with the Skanska Group’s strategy, H&S Management System and implementing relevant regulations. He joined Skanska in 2012 and since then has worked in several specialist and managerial roles, including a 6-month assignment in the Skanska Infraservice Division in Sweden. Shortly before taking the position of a director, he served as H&S Manager in the office development unit, covering Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic.